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Carlo Giorgi's fundamental idea is that every person is photogenic, and
it is for the photographer to use his skill to uncover or discover just what light and setting is the correct one to bring that out. he calls this his "secret". Giorgi was born in Florence, Italy, where he still lives. He has been a photographer since his youth, when he would sneak out of school early to work at a local photo lab, learning the techniques that he would later on in life expand upon to create his own vision of light and image.
In 1977 he achieved his greatest ambition and became a fashion photographer working as Official Fashion Show Photographer of all the Florence-based fashion shows and conventions, including Pitti Uomo, Pitti Donna, Pitti Casa, and others. Here he worked in collaboration with some of the great names in fashion: Valentino, Cerruti, Armani, Zegna. His fashion work has continued for over twenty years, and Carlo Giorgi brings all his experience and knowledge to each new assigment in Wedding Photography. As his vision promises, there is no such thing as being "unphotogenic". Carlo Giorgi's skill, patience, and sense of humor assures each of his subjects of that, as his photos show.

In the last few years Carlo has also decided to enlarge his business since the requested have become more and more frequent. He now works also with a few associate photographers. Each of them has its own style that however is moulded on the overall philosophy of the studio: fun photos and natural poses. All the associate photographers are trained by Carlo in person and they have been chosen by him after long searching just because their style and their way of workig fitted his standards and his taste! Carlo Giorgi, photographer in Florence: creative photography for weddings in Italy
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