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Black and White Photos
Black and white is the oldest and most fascinating of the printing methods.
A few shots in black and white are always nice in the album. If you wish
to have something really particular and of unsurpassable quality ask for
black and white hand made. This kind of prints are still prepared in a
dark room by one single man that prints each photo one by one. Even
without being an expert it will be easy to see the difference between a
machine printed black and white and the hand made, quoting Carlo: "It is
like the difference between grandma's tomato sauce and the canned one!".

Colors Photos
Usually the services are shot for the most part with color film which is the best to catch the beautiful golden light of a sunset, the yellow corn-fields, the beautiful colors of the flowers! We always suggest that you give the photographer some freedom on the wedding day to decide if a certain moment or light is better for color or black and white. The photographer will spend some fun moments with you giving you a few simple directions to be models for one day! Don't pain, it is part of our job to help you to feel comfortable in front of the camera!

Extra Contrast Photos
The extra contrast is a special developing process. Born originally from a "mistake" during the developing it was than used by us to give to the photos a particular color where the contrasts are, as the name say, particularly strong. Very "fashion magazine style" the photos in extra contrast are quite particular which is why we suggest to have just a few shots in the album...just enough to give a stylish taste to you wedding photos!!!! Choose Carlo Giorgi, Photographer in Florence for your wedding in Italy!
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Extra Contrast
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